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This Has Gone On Long Enough

All right, all right. It really has been ages since I posted, but not for the usual reasons. Quite the opposite in fact - things have been busy and actually quite exciting. The big news is... well, Alicia and I got engaged. I'm extremely happy of course, even though we now have a long line of hellishly expensive and tricky wedding tasks to organize in the next couple of months. That's not very interesting though - a much more entertaining story is how I proposed to Alicia.

It was always important to me to do something special when I proposed. Some guys just book the most expensive restaurant in town and plonk the ring in a champagne glass. Although it would probably get me across the line, it wouldn't be the kind of memorable, unique and meaningful moment that I was looking for.

There's also something to be said for the element of surprise. Proposing in a hot air balloon floating above Sydney would be great, but turfing Alicia out of bed at 4am to "meet a friend" would look a bit bloody suspicious.

I then got a suggestion from George, to do something after a classical music concert. This had the advantage of actually being plausible in terms of surprise, as well as being something that we actually did and enjoyed together. So, where does one go to see classical music in Sydney? Aha! The Sydney Opera House.