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The Contiki Bus and Me

Contiki European Escapade BE674

In late July 2000, I embarked on a 25-day European Escapade Contiki tour around Europe. Since I'd never visited Europe before, it was an excellent introduction for my time in the region. I shared my experiences with around fifty other travelling rascals, and all of them were excellent value.

Our tour was managed by Brownie and Kingsize, who were friendly, entertaining, knowledgeable and clean. They made sure our coach didn't fly off any cliffs, and was always a happy place to be, even when it got a little smelly.

About the only bad thing that happened during the journey was that my sexy new digital camera was stolen in Hopfgarten while I was frolicking in a foam pit in a local nightclub. I wasn't one to be defeated easily though, so I bought the exact same model in Lucerne and continued my visual chronicle. Take that, gods of fate.