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This little section is comprised of interesting stuff I've discovered while involved in various tasks, mostly involving computers. Some of them might even be useful.

Technical Arcana

Although they are very easy and fun to use, Flickr badges can be a bit annoying to use. Therefore, I was very happy to replace my badge with an internally generated one, using phpFlickr, an excellent PHP wrapper for the Flickr API.
I finally converted from the dinky little web calendar system I'd hacked together in PHP and MySQL to the mighty Google Calendar. In the process, I learned a few tricks about successfully importing data into the system.
I bought the kinda crappy D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth USB dongle, and had quite a few problems with it. I did eventually get it working, but it was a mighty pain in the ass. If you own one of these little buggers, this info might help.
When my home Microsoft 2000 Server's ICS/NAT system started going really wonky, I assumed it was gremlins, or a configuration problem. Little did I know it was actually a known issue with RRAS and Service Pack 2 and 3 for SQL Server 2000.