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Off the Grid

My email, web, Flickr and and IM outputs have dropped to nearly zero since I've been in Salt Lake City, as Cam and Clair don't really have an internet connection. They snarf a very tenuous wi-fi signal from a house nearby when they need it, and that technically works, but it really isn't conducive to photo uploading, chatting, or long emails. They also pick up the signal by balancing Cam's laptop on a window sill in an extremely unergonomic position in their fetid love den, which makes the whole thing into a sort of Internet yoga. I have managed to send a few signals via a couple of Best Buys and an Apple Store, but I wasn't going to spend hours there, particularly with the Geek and Black Beret Squads hounding me. So that's the reason I haven't replied to emails and stuff. Sorry.

I have managed to do a whole lot of other things though, including going to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, a Utah Jazz game when Karl Malone's number was retired, a bunch of fine Salt Lake City restaurants, a small number of crappy but delicious fast food joints (IHOP, Red Lobster) and a series of malls that all looked the same. I even managed to pick up a copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, although I won't be playing it until I return to Vancouver. My back is also recovering quite well, although I really have no idea what that means. Maybe it's just teasing me.