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Highland Fling It Now

A couple of very good friends of mine, Cameron and Clair, got married last weekend. It was held at Cam's parents' place on the Gold Coast, and it was a really lovely day. Naturally I was all dressed up in my kilt, and looked significantly awesome. The only downside to the day was that it was a bit of a sausage fest, with no official bridesmaids and very few single women of suitable age and loose morals. I'm already booked for a few other weddings in Australia this year, so hopefully the pickings will improve.

I am glad I made it back in time for the wedding, though. Weddings are invariably good fun, unless the bride shags one of the guests in the bathrooms, or the shady friend table gets a tad too drunk and pummels Uncle Henry until he wets his pants. I haven't been to a gay wedding yet, but if I do I'll probably skip the kilt, as it might get me into trouble. There'll probably be a bunch of guys wearing pink leather or rubber kilts anyway.