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I'm driving from the Gold Coast to Sydney tomorrow, which should take about 12 hours. I've done the trip once before, and I really didn't like it. In fact, I said to myself that if it was at all possible, I would never do the trip again. After seeing the prices to have my stuff shipped down to Sydney, I quickly made an exception. I'm paying $800 for the hire of a light truck from Budget on one of their special one way deals, which was a great deal cheaper than the $1600 or even $2000 I was quoted by various shipping companies. It also means that magically I arrive exactly when my stuff does, instead of before (no bed to sleep in) or after (no-one to meet the mover blokes when they arrive at the worst possible time). I even have a co-pilot, Andy, who will share the driving load. I just hope his taste in music doesn't extend to weird cross-genre mixes of Nana Mouskouri, Slim Dusty and Fifty Cent.

I've visited Sydney a few times, and I've really enjoyed myself while I was there, although those visits were all before I went to London and became a sophisticated, jet-setting international man of mystery. I hope it all works out, and I have a good time, earn lots of cash and make many good new friends, all of whom are extremely rich and attractive. I'm going to be living in Bellevue Hill, which I've been told is a quite nice part of town, just east of the city core and west of Bondi beach. There may be a wide disconnect between a theoretically good suburb and an actual pleasant place to live, so I'll have to see. If you see the headline "Sydney man with large hands beats entire Bellevue Hill polo team to death with a shovel", it's probably me.