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Himeji Castle


  • Cool casemod in the shape of Leela from Futurama.
  • Pretty awesome high-end kids' bookstore in Beijing. Some kid might conceivably fall off and land on his noggin, but I suppose it's essentially as dangerous as a jungle gym. It's not like you can sue the Chinese government, anyway.
  • Hackney man ordered to stop tunnelling under his house. Apparently he's done quite a few tunnels under there, and they're to be filled in with cement because of the chance of subsidence.
  • I found a really excellent podcast (23MB MP3 file) the other day, by the author of How to Do Precisely the Right Thing at All Possible Times. Most of it centres around the fact that we remember and act upon change and difference, rather than more objective ratings of "good" stuff. Very interesting, and quite entertaining too.
  • More silly Sony news - apparently the first Sony PC Blu-ray drive will not play Blu-ray movies. This isn't turning out to be the smoothest format launch ever, is it?