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Clerks 2

I toddled along to the Australian premiere of Clerks 2 last night at the State Theatre here in Sydney with Rafeman, and it was an excellent night. The movie was very funny, and the director, Kevin Smith, spoke for around three hours afterwards. He was fairly amazing, answering questions and telling great stories up there alone, in his sneakers and trenchcoat, for three bloody hours. He wryly kept mentioning how he really doesn't have that much talent, but I can't remember when I saw someone speak so well up on stage. Maybe he works for hours on his material, memorizing how the X-Men movies are really about being gay and how his movie of The Green Hornet would've had Kato and Britt Reid standing around in a parking lot talking about dicks, but it all seemed so natural. He didn't have to try - funny shit just tumbled out and the crowd howled with laughter.

There are a few photos of the evening on my Flickr stream, but I didn't manage to get any photos of Kev himself. The State Theatre is really quite gorgeous, but there wasn't much light and Rafe and I were in the back section of the top section, which was a little too much for my digicam to handle. There were tonnes of people there, and even though we arrived an hour early the queue was frightening. It went outside the theatre, around the corner and all the way down the alley and back up to the street, and then along the street for about fifty metres. They really should've been hawking Clerks 2 shirts and popcorn at the alley halfway point. There was real dough to be made.