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Himeji Castle

Internet Explorer 7

IE7 was officially released recently, and my reaction has been... mixed. Putting aside the mildly amusing security vulnerability discovered just after the launch, I can't seem to drag the menu back above the address bar, and I think the New Tab button should line up with the existing tabs. I don't really care about the new tab features as I'm a fairly ardent alt-tabbing window flipper, but the anti-phishing stuff looks cool. In fact, if I'd been using IE7 the other night when I got nabbed by that phishing scam, it looks like it would've actually blocked the page! Nice work. There are quite a few CSS bugs that have been fixed in IE7, but that doesn't include border-style: dotted showing up as a dashed line on borders and such, which is lame. It also seems to be occasionally jamming extra space into the left column of Hamfisted, so I'll have to grease myself up and wrestle with the CSS once again. Grrr.