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This Sporting Life

February has suddenly gone crazy with sports, and that suits me and my couch just fine. Firstly, the Cricket World Cup is underway over in southern Africa. It certainly is a funny old game - as well as boycotts against Zimbabwe, Warney getting busted for drugs and Canada scoring the lowest one day total in history, the Indian fans are burning effigies of their players to encourage them to play better. Foxtel have obviously paid a packet for the coverage rights, and are driving everyone insane replaying each game in its entirety at least four times. It's a nice surprise to see New Zealand doing well too, although honestly I wouldn't know their team from a flock of merinos.

Rugby is next, and there's a lot of it going around, which makes me a very happy puppy. The Six Nations have begun in the frozen wastes of Europe, although strangely there isn't any coverage here in Australia, on cable or free to air. The Super 12 starts in just a few days, and I will be trying to get along to all the Qld Reds games I can. Then there's the Tri-Nations series, and then the Rugby World Cup here later this year. It's just glorious - all praise to the game they play in heaven.

In other news, I'm still busy working and I'm still deep in debt.