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Movie Trailer time

  • I quite liked zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead, so it pleases me that writing duo Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have another movie in the works. It's called Hot Fuzz, and follows ass-kicking London cop Nick Angel (Pegg) as he is sent to the safest village in the country, Sandford, for making his fellow plods look like losers. All is not what it seems in sleepy Sandford though. The trailer looks great, with lots of action and associated silliness. Due 2007.
  • Like any kid, I liked the Transformers when I was growing up, and assumed that the upcoming movie would suck all manner of ass. The first proper trailer is out, and um, it looks surprisingly cool. Lots of action, cool transformation effects, explosions, a random hot chick for the kid hero to tongue wrassle with, it's all there. It is directed by Michael Bay though, who was responsible for such tripe as Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Playboy Video Centerfold: Kerri Kendall, so I'm not totally sold on it yet.
  • Yahoo also has a trailer for Grindhouse, a double feature from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez that looks deliciously chock-full of dames, gore, guns, wanton violence and zombies. There was another trailer on the net a while back that was pulled by Dimension that looked even better, with Danny Trejo running amok as a crazed hitman called Machete, but any movie with a hot babe with a prosthetic machine gun leg is fine by me. I think Grindhouse is still filming right now, but hopefully we'll see it at the end of 2007.