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Maybe I Need New Deodorant

In the five months I've been in Sydney, three of my good buddies have left town. First was Anthony, who moved to Singapore, then Steve, who moved to New York. Now Rafe is leaving for San Francisco, and I'm starting to wonder if I need to start using extra-strength breath mints and really lay off the garlic. Rafe maintains that he's leaving Sydney before they make being gay compulsory, but as he's moving to the rainbow-draped city of San Fran, this argument doesn't hold a lot of astroglide. My best theory is that he's moving to a better timezone for his WoW guild raids, and there's plenty of evidence to support this, particularly as the expansion is out and everyone and their dog is running around crafting various bits of jewellery and doing the Napolean Dynamite dance.

Since he's leaving on a great and marvellous adventure, I'll be taking over The Grotto and living by myself once again, which will be nice. It will also be expensive, which isn't so nice, but never undestimate the price of being able to walk around naked in your own house, humming show tunes. Such freedom is the basis of entire civilizations. I also have a bunch of ideas of how to do a few cool things with the place, but we'll see if its inherent shabbiness neuters them somewhat. I'll probably take some before and after pictures, but if everything fails I shall never mention them again. I'll probably also move to a nicer apartment, although all the ones I've perused via the web seem rather more expensive, and about the size of a size twelve shoebox.

Naturally I wish Rafe all the best, but I'm getting a little peeved at the exodus of my computer gaming, sport watching, book reading male friends. I'll have to make a concerted effort to replace them with some excellent new dudes, or perhaps force three of my female friends to leave Sydney to rebalance the universe.