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Down in the Lab

Lab4 remain the best live dance act I've ever seen, and they're coming to Brisbane. They're headlining for Darkside on October 3rd at the Arena, and I will be there with a hearty crew of lads and lasses to savour every moment.

Those close to me will know that I have unhealthy desire to own an Audi at some stage of my life, despite never having actually ridden in or driven one. Imagine my delight when I discovered that the Courier-Mail was running a competition where not one, but three such delightful automobiles are being given away as prizes. The competition entails collecting a week's worth of tokens from daily papers for each entry for each car (three cars = three weeks of collecting), so I've been buying a paper, cutting out the token, and throwing away the rest without reading a page. It's a stupid, wasteful process, but then the whole deal is almost certainly futile anyway. I might win though, and that would be cool.

I'd like to close with a small note about just how much the leechy sales guys at Electronics Boutique suck. Thank you all.