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But It's a Dry Heat

Spring has sprung here in Brisbane, and with great gusto. The last week has seen temperatures over 30 degrees, with blazing sunshine and hot, dry winds. It's all settled down a bit now, but the implications for an absolutely scorching summer are a wee bit scary. At least I can flee to Canada if it all gets too nasty.

Speaking of Canada, Katie and I dropped by the travel agent where we are wait-listed for our flights in early December. We hadn't heard a peep from them in months, and decided that we needed to make some alternative arrangements. We are now booked to fly on the 3rd of December, on Air Canada. We are yet to choose our stop for the journey, but Honolulu is looking pretty attractive at this stage.

After hearing the recent Valve driver day results, flatmate Adam immediately went out and bought himself a nice ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. This is good news for me because his machine will be where I'll be playing the crop of upcoming PC games like Half-Life 2, Halo, etc. All I have to do now is keep him out of the house for the next few months, which should be fairly easy knowing his love of crazy women.