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The Season of Weddings

The last year has seen me attend a bunch of weddings, which has been rather great. Weddings are usually really good fun, with food, drink, romance, music and dancing. Everyone is looking slick, smiling a lot, and catching up with people they haven't seen in years. It's unlikely a wedding will bring you down, unless the bride arrives arrives in a speedboat, falls off the jetty and drowns. Last year I went along to Cam and Clair's wedding on the Gold Coast and Danny and Alicia's wedding in Brisbane. This year I went to Sandra and Tim's wedding in Sydney (no photos yet, doh), Kate and Doug's wedding in Scarborough and Megan and Chris's wedding in Bowral. I also attended one other wedding, but it shall not be mentioned due to a gypsy curse.

The last wedding on my schedule was Sam and Mad's wedding in Emu Park (near Rockhampton) and it was a shtonker. Apart from the fact it was essentially a reunion for many friends from school, university and my time in London, it was held in a gorgeous location, with amazing food, fireworks, a rocking band and almost military organization. Even the speeches were great. The highlight of the night wasn't the cheese platter though - it was the bridal waltz. Or rather, the bridal funk breakdown, with a variety of swank moves that put Astaire and Rogers to shame. I really wish I'd had the presence of mind to take a video of it, instead of snapping one rather innocuous photo and then repeatedly collapsing into gales of laughter and cheers. Well played, you two.