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One Month Left To Save the Earth

With the pool games finally over, the quarter-finals for the Rugby World Cup are set: New Zealand vs South Africa, Australia vs Scotland, France vs Ireland and England vs Wales. These match-ups are all as expected, but a few close games this past weekend nearly made things very different. Ireland nearly bumped off Australia, and I aged about five years last night as Wales played like men possessed and nearly took down New Zealand at Telstra Stadium. Sanity only prevailed in the final minutes, leaving me tired and hoarse from shouting obscenities, throwing things and jumping up and down. I'm not much fun to be around during those kind of games, I think.

Work isn't much fun either, as there is less and less of "we need a system that does these things, can you build it please?" and more and more of "Our current system was built by a platoon of retarded monkeys on acid - can you add some new things that are fiendishly difficult and make no sense whatsoever? Uh, by tomorrow?" On days like that, I'm glad I'm not sticking around for too much longer.