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Himeji Castle

A Blu Future

The recent big news in the HD-DVD / Blu-Ray format war is that Warner Brothers will no longer be releasing movies for both formats, and will join Disney, Fox, MGM and Sony in Blu-Ray exclusivity. This announcement prompted New Line to follow suit, with HBO following shortly after. Engadget has news that Universal's exclusivity contract has expired, and Paramount isn't looking to stick around either. Most foreboding for HD-DVD is news that the porn industry is also thinking about heading to Blu-Ray, as industry support surges for the format.

I suppose I feel good about this news, as the war between the two formats has made making the step to HD a right pain in the ass. I've heard that HD-DVD was cheaper, more open and had a superior menuing system, but Sony's marketing power is undeniable. I started getting an idea of which way the wind was turning when I started noticing small Blu-Ray sections in JB HiFi, Blockbuster and even Myer last year, with no corresponding HD-DVDs in sight. Having a Blu-Ray drive in every Playstation 3 is also a massive advantage, particularly now that PS3s are actually being sold. Players will have to get a lot cheaper and be region free before I buy one, not to mention that I'll need an HD TV to enjoy the show properly, but there seems to be a faint, blue-colored light at the end of the tunnel.