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I'm Not Actually Dead

This is a quick note to say that I'm not actually dead. Since January I've been struggling with some pretty severe lower back pain, and essentially it's become my hobby. Between grimacing in pain, being made slightly radioactive by various scans, drooling from painkillers and anti-inflammation medication, I haven't had my usual spare time to wax lyrical about technological developments or link pictures of ridiculously cute kittens.

This post isn't a sign that I'm back in the game, either. I had a cortisone injection into my spine the other day, but after a few days of relief things are returning to normal - that is, pain and discomfort. I'm also moving house, which is fairly ridiculous considering my current state. My girlfriend is my savior in that regard, so I owe her rather a lot. Anyway, hope you're all well and you're all looking after your backs. Toodles.