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2010 Already?

2009 was huge. It was basically the biggest and busiest year of my life, which is the reason my blog post counts were way, way down. Numerous times I tried to put a summary together, and numerous times events overtook me and made me look like a slacker. Well, no longer! 2010 is here, so adieu 2009!

My biggest news for the year was that I asked Alicia to marry me, and she said yes. She really is a delight, and she continues to enchant and sustain me as our wedding reception spending drives us cheerfully into poverty and destitution.

I had surgery on a piece of torn cartilage in my hip in February, and although things are a long way from 100% as I write this, I'm miles better than before the operation. I'm actually able to swim laps now, and although I swim like a brick wrapped in tinfoil, it feels good to be able to do some exercise again.

Alicia and I also bought a house in 2009, and by "bought" I mean "went into financial servitude to a bank" and by "house" I mean "crusty old apartment". It's rather daunting looking at a bank statement with an enormous negative number on it, but it's better than renting and paying off someone else's mortgage. It'll also be nice to be able repaint and remodel a few things without a landlord screaming at us.

I can also recommend Port Douglas for a winter holiday in Australia. We went there for ten days in 2009 and it was lovely. 29 degrees every day, no stingers, great food and lovely outings to the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef. We stayed at the Sheraton Mirage which made the holiday quite expensive, but booking well in advance it was only about $210 a night. It's well worth it if you can snag a good deal.

About a million other things happened in 2009, but those were the big ones. I feel pretty exhausted actually, although the schedule for 2010 doesn't look a lot easier.