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Making Cowards of Us All

No, I'm not excited about Vancouver yet. I'm tired - worn down to nearly nothing by the packing, moving, calling, shopping and organising. Just about everything has been more expensive and complicated than I expected, and quite a few times I've found myself wondering whether this whole silly venture is worth all the trouble. That's the problem with me and fatigue - when I get tired, I just don't give a crap anymore. This is particularly bad news in situations when I really, really should care a lot, like making sure my wallet, passport and woolly undies are actually in my bags for the trip.

The Rugby World Cup is over, and England won. It's disappointing for just about everyone except the English, who have gone mad with joy at actually winning something. There's even crazy talk of knighting the captain and coach, which seems a little premature. Let the poor guys retire and buy pubs out in the country before doing that, or the commentators are going to sound even more stupid when they mention Sir Clive and Sir Martin on game day.