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Himeji Castle

End of the Road, Sunshine

Well, the last few days sure have sucked. So many things went wrong, but the choice weevil in the breadbasket was finding out that the three large wardrobes in my house weren't actually part of the property, and that I'd have to dispose of them before my departure could be signed off by the real estate nazis. This was after I had returned the three tonne truck of course, and well after when my friends were around to help me shift them. As a result, Katie and I gave one away to a passing neighbour, and smashed the other two into pieces with hammers. It was quite cathartic, to tell the truth.

But now, it's the final evening before my 6am flight, and I'm pretty much packed. The huge reality of it all is starting to seep into my mind, making me want to run, shout and hide all at once. There will still be plenty of difficult times ahead, but for now, I'm feeling pretty darn good. The tide has turned and the wind is rising - it's time for an adventure.