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All Downhill From Here

It was my 30th birthday yesterday, and I ended up having a really good day. Quite a number of people sent me birthday greetings, with only a small percentage of them calling me a shriveled, wrinkly old codger. My celebrations actually started with a birthday dinner on saturday night, at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant downtown. There was lots of yummy food, and we all ate until our abdominal pain became too much to bear. Then we went to a bar and played pool.

As for presents, Katie gave me tickets to the Crystal Method, who played all their classics and were generally excellent. Vancouverites sure know how to get their groove on, even on a monday night. She also gave me a fistful of vouchers for Electronics Boutique, which was a direct influence in me running out and buying myself an Xbox. Not really the most sensible decision for a debt-heavy world traveller lacking a regular job, but it's my birthday, and I'll go and play Knights of the Old Republic if I bloody well want to. Besides, it's not like those vouchers were any good for food or rent.