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Himeji Castle

Like the Corners of My Mind

It's been almost exactly four years since I did my Contiki tour through Europe. I took along my first ever (and still current) digital camera, my faithful Canon Digital Ixus, and took a metric shedload of pictures throughout the trip. Actually getting the pictures organised, arranged and labelled took a little longer - about four years to be precise. This is an insane, ridiculous amount of time, but it just sort of crept up on me.

I altered the whole gallery layout a few times and had to rebuild everything, and I even lost a bunch of work to a dodgy backup, but my biggest problem was simply getting distracted. Getting the galleries looking right was a tedious, time-consuming task, and I was usually getting plenty of that kind of crap at my day job. I even built a web-based tool with drag and drop for laying out the galleries, but maybe that was merely another way for me to procrastinate. Anyway, the Contiki galleries are done. Hooray.