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Home Stretch

My final friday night in London was exceptionally quiet. I've spent every other night this week out with friends, so tonight finally allowed me to stop shuffling my possessions around my room, and get down to packing. It's a good time for reflection too, thinking about my time here - all the people I've met, what I've seen and learned, and where I'm heading next. It also provides me with a little calm before the storm of tomorrow night's Orme Court Halloween Party.

To my surprise, I sold all my leftover London stuff without having to resort to a garage sale or Ebay. My leather chair went to an excellent novice Bond villain, my desk phone will be well-used at Orme Court, and my desktop PC found a good home as well. It's eerie how quiet my room is with only my laptop running. I can can hear all the drunks stumbling around outside, not just those friendly police sirens.

So here we go, my final London weekend. Game on.