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The Fall Guy

Vancouver is turning towards winter, and I'm quite enjoying it all. Red, yellow, brown, purple and pink leaves scramble across my path as I walk, the morning breeze is fresh and crisp, and all the chihuahuas in Kits are wearing their thickest tartan vests. I'm not sure why I like the fall so much - perhaps it reminds me of the first five years of my life in southern New Zealand. Perhaps this is weather I never saw in Brisbane, so it's new and interesting. Perhaps I just think I look cool in my long coat.

That said, we're a long way off real butt-clenching brass monkey weather, which will no doubt drop on Vancouver in the next month or two. The wind off the bay is still "bracing", not "a razor sharp icicle of death", evenings are still "chilly", not "the frigid void of eternal darkness" and mornings are still "brisk" and not "a black furnace of boiling cold fire". I am being a total pussy with the Vancouver cold though, since it's actually one of the warmest places in Canada. Last year the lowest temperature I endured was -8 degrees, which is really quite balmy when compared with temperatures of -30 degrees on the prairies or up to -60 degrees up in the Yukon. I really have no desire to experience that kind of cold, even for experimental and investigative purposes. Vancouver cold will do just fine, thank you very much.