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A Thousand Words

I think camera phones are pretty neat. Being able to capture a nice sunset, a menu, a map, or even a friend getting nude at the footy is nifty, even if the quality isn't that great. I also wanted a tri-band phone, so that I could use it back in Australia as well as here in North America. Both the Nokia 6230 and the Nokia 7610 looked spanky, so as soon as I found an Asian import store that carried them, I grabbed the 6230.

It's a very cool little gadget. I've been snapping pictures of just about everything, which is a bit of a worry. Maybe this is how stalkers get started! As well as the 640x480 camera, it has some other features that I'm finding quite useful - most notably the 32MB MMC memory card inside it, which I'm already using as a portable flash drive. Apparently it does POP3 and IMAP4 as well, but I haven't got the GPRS connection running yet.

I'm thinking about doing a photo stream thingy on my site a la Flickr, but I'll be buggered if I'm going to pay to text my pictures to myself. I'll wait until I get home and Infrared / Bluetooth them off for free. All I need now is a Bluetooth adapter...